Professional English Classes

Online Video Course

Business English & Skill Development

  • Improve your Business vocabulary related to Management, Marketing, Finance, Design and Technology.
  • Learn phrasal verbs, idioms and slang words used at work.
  • Practice your English for common work scenarios.
  • Get access to 20 video lectures with real business examples.
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Live Skype Classes

The following classes are held online through Skype and are personalized to your requirements. You will be emailed all class materials and exercises used during the class.

Business English

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

  • Organize and improve your English resume to make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Strengthen your resume by adding details and eliminating grammatical errors.
  • Add keywords and adjectives that are relevant to your industry, your background, skills and experience.

Practice Interview

Practice Job Interviews

  • Know how to answer common interview questions as well as questions specific to your industry.
  • Prepare for an upcoming interview by doing practice sessions that closely resemble actual interviews.
  • Get feedback on your performance and tips on how to improve your speaking skills in an interview.



(Live Skype Classes)

  • Practice your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with actual tests.
  • Learn shortcuts to improve your score using our personalized TOEFL study guide.
  • Get feedback on your performance and focus on your weaker points for improving your score.